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What is Clear Your Chaos Collective?

Clear Your Chaos is a membership and community of women who are helpers and givers. Watch this short video to learn more about the program and what you will gain from it. 

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Araceli Jonsson

I am always surprised by how many areas of my life there are to organize! Things I never even thought about. I'm excited to see how taking these steps will help. It's so exciting to see one part after another of my life slowly get under my control.

Clear Your Chaos is a good fit if you...

  • feel the pressure to run everything smoothly for everyone else;
  • feel chronically disorganized in your spaces, even if it's tidy;
  • feel like you are burning the candle at both ends;
  • want the time and energy to spend on yourself and the people you care about;
  • want a space that feels good to be in, at home and work;
  • want to be in the driver's seat of your life;
  • want to see your business thrive without having to overwork;
  • value a kind and inclusive community where you can learn and be a little silly;
  • want to be understood and supported.

If this is you, I'm excited to be that understanding voice who will help you take your power back, release the shame and create spaces and schedules that feed your spirit and serve the life you want to have.

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Madison Sorrentino

New Clear Your Chaos member

Jennifer’s approach to organization has changed my life, one small decision at a time. She makes overwhelming tasks feel doable with her approach. My space has started to reflect my values and I feel like I have more control over what’s happening in my environment and with my time.

Inside Clear Your Chaos:

live weekly coaching calls

compassionate self-assessment

training library on multiple topics

expert guest coaches

private Facebook group

membership portal with resources

monthly recommendation for the focus

workbook with checklists and more

access to 1:1 coaching

supportive community

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Abby Helfer

Thank you for your methodology. You’ve helped me look at my organization in a new way. I now have the ability to create spaces that feel the way I want.

As you walk through this method, you will feel lighter and more empowered with a holistic approach as you create organization for your space and schedule that’s flexible to flow with the curveballs of life, giving you the energy you so desperately want.

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I'm all in! Sign me up now!

My friend, you are ready!

So come as you are, mess and all, and we’ll help you get where you want to go. Along your journey, I will guide you, celebrate you, offer silliness and support when things feel hard, and always remind you that ten minutes can change everything.

~ Jennifer

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Jennifer Fernandez

Fun fact-when your pantry is organized you can grab items you need without using a flashlight (during a historical arctic blast in Houston)! My pantry is not super-organized but I was able to grab the pancake mix and napkins in the dark!