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Hi there. I'm Jennifer. It's great to meet you.

I help women (and a few men along the way) to find organization, confidence, and time management to cultivate the life and business you really want. 

I'm a Texas girl who loves her people, food, getting her hands in the dirt, and hunting for antiques. I'm here to help you go from feeling overwhelmed to lighter and energized.  

You'll find me on Tuesday in my Facebook group sharing a free live training on Taco Tip Tuesday (and who doesn’t like tacos?).

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In this paid monthly membership, you will go from feeling overwhelmed by clutter in your home, office and schedule to feeling lighter and energized. 

With the support of Jennifer and your community,  you'll cultivate a space that nourishes you, a schedule that serves you and an easeful, thriving business that supports the life you want. 

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As a live and virtual event speaker, frequent podcast guest and guest coach, I give talks that help women business owners release patriarchal guilt and shame around their clutter and chaos and to help them create spaces and schedules that serve their lives and feed their spirits. 

Araceli Jonsson

"I am always surprised by how many areas of my life there are to organize! Things I never even thought about. I'm excited to see how taking these steps will help. It's so exciting to see one part after another of my life slowly get under my control."


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