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Hi there. I'm Jennifer and I'm so glad to meet you.

I help GenX women to intuitively get more organized, solve the generational clutter, and have more time foor what really matters. 

I'm a 50+ Texas girl who is half Mexican and half Scottish/English/French. I believe in women having the right to choose, the idea that diversity makes everything better, and who you love is perfect for you!

I love my people, good food is my love language, gardening grounds me, and I love to go antiquing. My life's work is to serve women like you who are ready to get organized, let go of the overwhelm, and embrace the confident and intuitive you.

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Karen Thomas

Career and Leadership Coach

Clear Your Chaos Member, Coaching Client

"I think without this motivation and accountability I would have not spent the time to make things nicer for myself, just waiting to see what final furniture/decor I will have. This is an interim state for the bedroom, but I am much happier with it now! "

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You'll cultivate a space and life that nourishes you, trusting your intuition and confident that you can create and maintain an organizational system that works for you.

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Araceli Jonsson

College Admissions Coach

Clear Your Chaos Member, Coaching Client

"I was so frustrated going into our session. Afterward, I felt like I could finally breathe again and that it all made sense and fit perfectly imperfectly together."

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If you are ready to get organized yesterday, and know you need individual support, then coaching is the right place for you. There are a couple of different options available so you can pick what suits you and your schedule best. 

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